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What is iFramePlayer and what is it for?

iFramePlayer is a free service for viewing and sharing video posts from other platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion). This is made possible by using the iFrame functionality.

On iFramePlayer, you can customize videos from the listed platforms by assigning a custom title and note instead of the original ones. At the same time, all or a significant portion (this varies from platform to platform and from video to video) of the distracting ads that appear on the original platforms are avoided.

The working principle is simple: instead of sharing the link of the video directly (on the website, email, social networks, etc.), create a video post on iFramePlayer. Enter the URL of the video, possibly also a custom title and accompanying note. Then, to the desired location, share the post URL from iFramePlayer.

Registration on iFramePlayer is free, and you can use iFramePlayer with limited functionality even if you are not a registered member.

Hosting videos directly on iFramePlayer is not possible.

Why should I share video links using iFramePlayer instead of directly?

There are two reasons for this:
  • You can give your link a custom title (and, if you’re a registered user, also an additional note) instead of the original one. Custom titles and/or notes is/are also displayed within the link on social networks.
  • By sharing videos via iFramePlayer, you usually avoid the aggressive advertisements displayed on direct links. This primarily applies to videos found on YouTube and Vimeo, where in most cases you will avoid ads that delay the start of the broadcast or interrupt the broadcast in the middle or ads that should motivate you to buy their paid package. Via iFramePlayer, you have ensured this for all your followers to whom the link is intended – even if they do not have adBlocker installed. Posting to an iFramePlayer allows them to watch with fewer distractions, so they’re more likely to actually watch the video you’ve intended for them.

How to correctly enter the URL of the video in the form?

Best to use Copy-Paste. More detailed description:

► First, copy the URL to memory:

● Active links – in the browser’s navigation bar, mark the active address and copy it to memory (on Windows, press Ctrl+C or by clicking the right mouse button on the marked area and selecting the “Copy” option)

● Common links and FaceBook links – right-click on the link and select the option called “Copy link” or “Copy link address” (this name depends on your browser)

● YouTube – like any other active link, or: find the “Share” option under the opened video and click on it. Then click the “Copy” button.

► Then position yourself in the “URL” field (first in the post creation form). There, paste the address you previously copied into memory (on Windows, press Ctrl+V or by clicking the right mouse button inside the input field and selecting the “Paste” option)

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