What is iFramePlayer and what is it for?

iFramePlayer is a free service for viewing and sharing video posts from other platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion). This is made possible by utilizing the iFrame functionality.

With iFramePlayer, you can personalize videos from these platforms by adding a custom title and note, replacing the original ones. Moreover, you’ll avoid most or all of the distracting ads that usually appear on the original platforms (though this can vary between platforms and videos).

The process is simple: instead of sharing the video link directly on websites, emails, or social networks, create a video post on iFramePlayer. Enter the video’s URL and optionally add a custom title and note. Then, share the post URL from iFramePlayer to your desired location.

Registration on iFramePlayer is free, and you can access limited functionality even as a non-registered user.

Please note that hosting videos directly on iFramePlayer is not possible.

Why should I share video links using iFramePlayer instead of directly?

There are two reasons for this:
  • Personalized titles and notes: When using iFramePlayer, you can give your link a custom title and, if you’re a registered user, an additional note. These customizations are also displayed within the link on social networks.
  • Avoiding aggressive advertisements: By sharing videos via iFramePlayer, you can usually avoid the aggressive advertisements that appear on direct links. This is particularly true for videos on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, where you can bypass ads that delay the video’s start, interrupt the playback, or promote paid packages. With iFramePlayer, you ensure a distraction-free viewing experience for your followers, even if they don’t have an adBlocker installed. By posting through iFramePlayer, you increase the likelihood that your intended audience will actually watch the video, without unnecessary interruptions.

How to correctly enter the video URL in the form?

It is best to use Copy-Paste. Here’s a more detailed description:

► First, copy the URL to your clipboard:

● For active links – in the browser’s navigation bar, highlight the URL and copy it (on Windows, press Ctrl+C or right-click on the selected area, then choose “Copy”).

● For common links and Facebook links – right-click on the link and choose “Copy link” or “Copy link address” (depending on your browser).

● For YouTube – click on the “Share” option under the video, then click the “Copy” button.

► Next, go to the “URL” field in the post creation form and paste the copied address (on Windows, press Ctrl+V or right-click inside the input field and select “Paste”)

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